Bomb The ‘Burb



Bomb the 'Burb Screenshot 1 Bomb the 'Burb Screenshot 2 Bomb the 'Burb Screenshot 3 Bomb the 'Burb Screenshot 4 Bomb the 'Burb Screenshot 5

Bomb the ‘Burb is the perfect game for any one who sees themselves as a Problem Solver, with over 100 tricky ‘Burbs to blow up!

===== DESCRIPTION =====
Bomb the ‘Burb is a puzzle game where You, the player, needs to think carefully about bomb placement in order to maximize the destruction of the ‘burb. Creating chains of explosions and making buildings fly into other buildings are only some of the challenges You will face in this game.

The game will start out easy, but as You progress further You will be facing trickier puzzles to solve. All puzzles have multiple solutions and trying to “hack” a win out of the game is highly encouraged! This is a game for the distinguished Problem Solver who cares only about the solution. If it works, it works!

===== NON-VIOLENT =====
Despite it’s theme, Bomb the ‘Burb is almost completely non-violent. Explosives are of course violent in their own right, but the game does not feature any gore. There are no people visible or present in the game. The only thing you will see as you blow up the suburbs are the debris of buildings and trees.

The game features a light cartoon style with buildings and nature looking like small plastic Monopoly figures.

Note: It is best to play this game in short intervals, as puzzles may become very straining after a while. Don’t forget to take short breaks and remember: there’s always a solution!

Bomb The ‘Burb is available for Apple iOS and Google Android